Steamy windows/ upgrade Glass.

Steamy windows or foggy glass the Window Hospital will carry out a survey and give a quotation, we can have the glass manufactured same day if not toughen, when we install the replacement glass we correct the fault that causes the glass to fog and mist in the first place.

The window hospital can also upgrade your glass two toughened glass especially in bathrooms and bedrooms low fitting Lounge windows this is mainly because are small children or vulnerable adults that could fall into standard glass fitments which would  cause serious injuries to themselves,where buy toughened safety glass would only cause a minor grazes and bruises.

If you are considering upgrading your present window glass and door glass we can improve the u-value by changing your glass to energy-saving glass which will reduce energy levels and also some circumstances reduce condensation.

Our car service engineer will  dispose of the old glass away in a Green way which is better for the environment for no extra charge.

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