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We carry a large stock of replacement uPVC door mechanisms more commonly known as locks, specialise in window locks/door locks/ patio door locks firstly please read about window locks these often break because they have not been maintained or ill fitting we carry a large stock and once we have ascertained what type of lock it is, and for instance the window is jammed shut, I have to use tools to open the window. because the lock is broken. Door locks become awkward to use, the handles are very stiff when you lift the handle to lock the door this often means that there is a problem in alignment and it will need adjustments, or a replacement lock we would normally carry this in stock and the van
The major cause of lock breakage is because the door isn’t hung or set correctly and unfortunately if the door isn’t currently realigned and adjusted the new lock will eventually break again therefore requiring a further replacement.

The window Hospital not only replaces the broken door lock but professionally corrects the problem that caused the breakage in the first place therefore prolonging the life of your door lock / mechanism which is a critical factor in our repair service because I have over 28 years knowledge and experience with in the industry, I have the knowledge to correct the faults on your door in the a professional way, unlike most locksmith services only come and replace the damaged lock!

All lock come with a one year guarantee.

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