Replacement Window Hinges

The window hospital can install and  replace all types of friction hinges on uPVC windows aluminium windows and also hardwood windows.

The most common cause of hinge failure will be a draught, this is because the  hinges are not pulling in correctly and no compression on the seals.
We can supply and install new hinges  the same day as we carry a large stock.
Large fire escape openings must have the correct hinges fitted, and in my 29 years running my business this is not the case and I find that the hinges are buckling or even falling off the window.
We carry the correct hinges for various types of window specification.
We always use dust sheets and the hinges are more likely to be replaced from the inside of the property we need a clean working area and window sills cleared of any  ornaments and any window covering removed to prevent any damage or any dirt transferring onto them.

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