Patio runners / tracks replacement

The Window Hospital can replace your sliding patio gear if your patio door has become hard to open and close and making grating noises. Window Hospital specialise in patio door repairs aluminium and UPVC the runners that help the door to slide along become worn after constant use, they become rusty and the bearings dropout resulting in the door extremely hard to slide. If the wheels are not changed this can then cause damage to the track which the wheels run on therefore it is imperative that the wheels are maintained with lubricant spray if in the event that the wheels are damaged we carry a large stock of various types of wheels and tracks  and can often complete on the same day bringing your door back to a pleasant experience and easy to slide. We cover a 25 mile radius from Coventry you may also see a link on our website showing the patio door repair video we always use dust sheets and a highly recommended business.

We carry a large stock of different types of patio gear so we can replace them on the same day if if your patio door is not too big and requires a second man in this instance we can return and complete the job on a separate day.
Upon changing your patio gearing we give the door a thorough clean removing all dirt and grease.
The window hospital can also replace your patio track if it’s become broken and distorted.

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